Mold Congress

Conferences and Workshops for the Medical, Indoor Air Environmental / Remediation Industries and Patients

June 2020 Conference in Bellevue, Washington


“A Meeting of the minds”
January 2019
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida




Andrew Heyman M.D.
Medical Director of Integrative Medicine
George Washington University


Erik Johnson
Mold Illness at Ground Zero for CFS

James C. Ryan Ph.D.
ProgeneDx, Transcriptomics 

Ritchie Shoemaker M.D.
Center for Research on Biotoxin Associated Illnesses (CRBAI)

Lysander Jim, M.D.
CIRS Certified CME

Scott McMahon, M.D.
CIRS Certified

Michael Rothman, M.D.
CIRS Certified

Jackie Meinhart, N.P.
CIRS Certified

Natasha Thomas, M.D.
CIRS Certified

Ming Dooley, L.Ac., CPT
CIRS Certified

Craig Tanio, M.D.
CIRS Certified

Paula Vetter, F.N.P.
CIRS Certified

Kellyn Milani. N.D.
CIRS Certified


Chin Yang Ph.D.
Prestige Enviro-Microbiology, Founding Member

Ralph Moon  Ph.D.
GHD Consulting Services

David Lark CIEC, CMC

John Lapotaire CIEC
Past President - Indoor Air Quality Association

Tom Mitchell
Disaster Response

Michael F. Susi, BS Chemical Engineering
M&M Auto Detailing

John Banta, CIH
RestCon Environmental

Michael Schrantz CIEC
Environmental Analytics

Larry Schwartz BS Me E., MBA, CIEC
Safestart Environmental

Greg Weatherman CMC
aerobioLogical Solutions, Inc., Non-voting Technical Advisor IICRC S520 Consensus Body