Mold Congress

Conferences and Workshops for the Medical, Indoor Air Environmental / Remediation Industries and Patients

June 2020 Conference in Bellevue, Washington

“A meeting of the minds”
January 2019
Ft. Lauderdale, FLorida


Premier Exhibitor - SurvivingRemediation: AeroSolver & AeroBiological Solutions
Premier Exhibitor - The Mold Pros

Exhibitor & Supporter - EnviroBiomics

Exhibitor - The Great Plains Laboratory

Exhibitor - Bio-Botanical Research

Exhibitor - Hopkinton Drugs

Exhibitor - Air Oasis

Exhibitor - National Organization of Restoration and Remediation Professionals (NORRP)

Exhibitor - PD Labs

Exhibitor - Bio-Botanical Research

Exhibitor - Fry Laboratory

Exhibitor - US Enzyme

Exhibitor -

Supporter - Anderson Group International

Supporter - Dr Kellyn Milani